8-7-2016 Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon 


8-16-2015 Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon

iron girl triathlon finisher

9-20-2015 Spencerville Family 5k Run

family 5k


Dream Races

SeaWheeze (half marathon), Vancouver, BC. After reading about Angela’s experience, I decided that this was a race I’d love to run one day. It looks like it has gorgeous views and I’ve also never been to that part of Canada.

Disney Princess Half Marathon, Florida. This is probably the first race that I ever looked at to make me want to run a half marathon. I love Florida. I love Disney World. Can’t lose here. I don’t know how well I’d handle being in the crowds by myself because I can get anxious in large crowds but this is a bucket list race for me. I hope to do this in 2018

Maui Half Marathon.

Ragnar Relay, Anywhere. I spent some time reading about others’ experiences on these races and I love the general vibe of this kind of race. While I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do this kind of race because 12 people is a large group of people when you have no runner friends, it’s still on my radar if the right opportunity presents itself.

Rock’n’Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

Runner’s World Half Marathon, Bethlehem, PA.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, D.C. I feel like if there’s one running race I’d like to do in DC, this would be it. Wouldn’t it be perfect if the blossoms were actually in bloom the day of the race? This is a hard to get into race, but another bucket list race for me.