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Friday Favorites #5

Hello there friends! It’s been a while but that will all make sense pretty soon… but for now, I’ve got a quick catch up and some favorites to share with you!

In the middle of June we got a new kitten, Maisie! It’s unbelievable how much she’s grown in 2.5 months! For whatever reason her nickname is Maisie-Ella Mozzarella, she’s a bitey little monster who loves to terrorize our 14-year-old cat Shadow, and she’s got the loudest purr I’ve ever heard from a cat so I guess we’ll keep her. 😉

I didn’t get to do a whole lot this summer but Brady and I did get away the first weekend of August to go camping at Deep Creek Lake with my family. While we were there, we went to Swallow Falls State Park for the first time and it’s easily now my favorite state park in Maryland. It gives off a vibe as though you were in the Pacific NW, probably more so because we were there just after a downpour! Continue Reading

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Motivation Monday #3

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend?

This week I’m trying to implement a system to help get me started on my weight training goal. I have a lot of insecurities going into this because it’s never been anything I’ve tried to work on before but I really want to try because I think it’s an important part of a healthy weight loss journey. My aim for this week is to get in 1 gym weight training session with Brady and then do 4 home/body weight quick sessions. As I get used to having a routine, I want to be getting to the gym twice a week for a good session.

For now my home sessions are going to focus on various combinations of these 15 exercises:

  1. Push ups
  2. Triceps dips
  3. Bicycle crunches
  4. Plank 
  5. Plank with hip dips
  6. Side plank
  7. Sit ups
  8. Lunges
  9. Squats
  10. Bridge
  11. Donkey/firehydrant kicks
  12. Clamshells
  13. Side steps with resistance band 
  14. Opposite arm/leg lifts
  15. Side step ups

I ran twice last week and did one 55 minute Zumba session… Continue Reading