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What I Ate Wednesday 10-18-2017

I tend to enjoy reading “What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)” posts or watching WIAW vlogs and I decided I’d like to start sharing posts of my own! One of the things I’m working on currently is more consistent meal planning to cut down on food waste as well as to save money from eating out. I’ve done meal planning in the past but I’m trying to be more dedicated with it now. Not only is this helping to save money, it’s more nutritious eating and healthier all around. Overall it’s just a big fat win. I’ve been using the Knock Knock What to Eat pad to plan our meals which has been working well. It’s $15 on Amazon right now but I found it at my Books-a-Million store for $6.50.

I’ve been staying on top of planning lately and I’ve tried out quite a few new recipes in the process like this vegan Chai Butternut Squash Soup last week that was absolutely fantastic. I had my doubts but I was truly blown away by how amazing this was. 

I’m trying to incorporate better snacking food into my diet. I’ve been avoiding bringing home snacks like chips, crackers, and in my husband’s case, peanut butter. This leaves a hole in our pantry because snacking food or “lunch accessories” are pretty important. Some ideas I’ve had are: homemade scotch oat cakes, fresh veggies and vegan ranch dressing, frozen yogurt – I really like the So Delicious Coconut Yogurt – berry bites, roasted chickpeas, homemade pita chips and hummus. Brady and I would also like to shift towards eating more vegan food and less dairy but that’s going to be implemented at a fairly slow pace.  Continue Reading

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The Perfect Valentines Treat

The last week has been a mish-mash of events, emotions and goings on but I’m really excited to share my favorite Valentine’s treat with you today.

Valentine's Day Candy Treats

This Week:

But first a quick review of this week. This last weekend was my father-in-law’s birthday and we had a special party down at Maggiano’s in DC. Brady and I are used to being asked to sing for basically any parties we go to so we prepared a few special little songs to sing for the party. Continue Reading

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Apple Picking, Meal Planning, and Calorie Counting

You know how last week I posted about the various bad things that happened all in a row? I was determined to change my fates but not before getting punched a few times first. Apparently I can’t survive without a phone because it tells me everything I need to know, like what the temperature is and how I should dress for the day… so after my phone died, I got a new S7 and while in the process of looking for the right screen protector and case to buy, I dropped it when I was getting out of the car for church and smashed the screen on both top corners of the phone. Sigh. Then on Sunday, I accidentally broke my glasses beyond repair. I mean it was time for new ones but still… now I have to wear contacts until I can get new ones. I don’t love wearing glasses but ever since an eye infection I had in 2011 my eyes have not loved wearing contacts so I rarely wear them anymore. Continue Reading

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April Goals

I had a very small list of goals that I made mentally around the beginning of the year that would lead up to the end of March. I knew at this point, we would have been moved back to Maryland and the weather would be getting warm enough for me to be spending more time outside (which equals a happier me). I’ve slacked some over the last few weeks when it comes to doing any real dedicated exercise but I’ve managed a walks on most days and one swim.


I really wanted to get my 1000m (probably yards but well… it’s only a difference of 85…) swim time under 25 minutes by the time we moved back, which came a lot easier than I expected it to. I think my fastest 1000m so far has been 23 and as I get back into training, I’m expecting that to improve. Most of my swims have been in the 1200-1300m distance. I try to swim for at least 30 minutes whenever I go.

Over the next month, I want to keep working on that time by incorporating a couple of drills and doing more intervals which really push me! I’m aiming for 2 swim sessions a week. Also I want to do some outside work on strengthening my shoulders and arm muscles. I’ll try and share the different exercises I like to do for those in a future post. Continue Reading

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Lunchtime Yummies

I wanted to share a quick photo of my lunch because it was really that delicious! I cooked the sweet potato in the microwave last night and reheated it for lunch. I made a modified version of the farro salad last night as well and it’s exceeded my expectations. This was one of the recipes I’ve been looking at making for a while now and I think it’s going to become a regular for sure. I’d recommend trying it!

Mediterranean Farro Salad and Sweet Potato for Lunch Continue Reading

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Healthy Eating Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning is something that I’ve done somewhat ever since I’ve been married but I’ve never stayed extremely dedicated to the plan because I’d get tired or lazy some weeks and eventually end up just buying groceries willy-nilly. Whenever I do take the time though, I eat healthier, spend less money on food overall and I feel better all around.

Usually I like to meal plan on Fridays or Sundays, so I’m a day late and my week calendar will be off a day, but I’ll sort that out for next time. I like to center my meals more around natural/fresh foods so I am eating minimal amounts of processed foods and additives. And in case you didn’t know, I’m vegetarian preferring vegan most of the time.

The main goals for this week are to prepare and eat ALL the planned meals, NO going out to eat for this week. Drink more water throughout the day. Continue Reading