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Crepes at Cafe Mezcla, bike rides, and hammocking

It’s been a beautiful week around here as all the flowering trees are fully in bloom and the landscape is greening up. Last week was Brady’s birthday and we were able to do a lot of outdoor adventuring to celebrate. I had been planning a weekend backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park for the weekend but we didn’t end up going because the weather forecasts were looking potentially stormy and I was also dealing with a strained muscle in the hip flexor area. Sad. We’re still hoping to go this summer and we may try doing a shorter and close to home backpacking trip this weekend.

Since Brady worked late on his actual birthday, we went out on Wednesday evening to Brookeside Gardens to see the tulips before meeting up with his family at Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Brookeside Gardens tulips in spring Continue Reading

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Mail troubles, current reading, and an anniversary dinner

Hello there all ye lovelies. I have some distressing news to share but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending to this tale.

The USPS Story

We ordered our Disney tickets just about a month ago and they were shipped a few days later. I was expecting to get them about 2 weeks ago but they spent an extended period of time “In Transit to Destination” with no location listed. It sat like that for over a week. I began to get worried because that’s $800 just sitting in limbo. Well today they finally arrived, no thanks to the USPS because this is how it came:

Post office USPS mess up, ripped package

Do you see the rip towards the top? It was ripped over 2/3 of the way across the top of the package which makes me feel like someone opened my mail; I mean, these bubble envelopes aren’t easy to rip. Maybe it wasn’t tampered with but I can’t be trusting. I linked them straight up to our account to make sure that no one was already trying to use them and thank goodness I didn’t have to go through the hassle of harassing the post office about stolen tickets. 

The happy ending here is that we are less than 2 months away from our Disney vacay! Continue Reading

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The Perfect Spring Weekend Recap

I don’t know what it was like where you were, but the weather around here at the end of last week was oh my goodness so gorgeous. I talk a lot about the weather because my mood has always been pretty linked with how the sky is feeling; Winter makes me depressed and sunshiny days make me happy. This weekend was a mood booster for sure so get ready for lots of snaps!

Thursday was the first mid-seventies day and I celebrated by hanging out on the deck with my cat after work.

black cat on the deck

sun bathing

Friday was day 2 of beautiful warm weather and I got to take off my sweater and soak in the warmth while the kids played for an hour at recess.

sun bathing Continue Reading

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Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! I’ve decided to start a weekly post called Motivation Monday because I’m trying to work towards a healthier me and that takes a lot of dedication and motivation. I’m working on creating my motivation wall in my office with motivational phrases, pictures, and different goals I’m working towards. This weekly post is going to focus on a few of the things I’m using to help keep me motivated on my weight loss/healthy me journey.

I’ll share my motivations after a quick weekend recap— because one of my biggest motivations right now is the weather. 

I’m pretty sure last year I wrote a post about how there’s always one day where the color of the sky changes, the smell of the earth changes, and from that day forward, no matter the weather, winter is officially over. Wednesday, February 15, 2017 was officially that day. Well I think this is the earliest it’s ever happened, but I am used to Michigan winters so that could be why. It must have been a good prediction because we’re supposed to have beautiful weather here in Maryland over the next 2 weeks.  Continue Reading

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It finally happened (!!!) and a season of change

I’ve unofficially officially left my job! If you’re confused as to what that means, it means that I’ve turned in my badge and I’m not planning on returning but they’re keeping me in the system for up to 90 days in case I change my mind. They’re going to miss me so that makes me feel good. For a little over a year, I’ve been working as a “floater” in a large office building moving between departments as they needed help. I’ve done so many jobs ranging from web to administrative assistant, editor, office grunt work, inventory, and handling international visa applications. There have been a handful of fun moments, but I’m really ready to move on now that I’m not the main support for our little family.

I did have a moment of sadness yesterday when I turned in my badge because while it wasn’t at all what I wanted to be doing, my dad works there in a different department and it was really nice being able to eat lunch with him regularly. Continue Reading

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September Goals!

Time to revisit those August goals and see how things went…

August Goals Revisited

  • Build core strength through my glutes, back and abs.
  • Continue to build on my fitness.
  • Significantly reduce sugar intake.
  • Work towards a regular bedtime and wake up routine and getting healthier sleep.

Maybe 1 for 4. I think I had a rough August because there were a lot of things going on in multiple aspects of my life and it was hard to start a routine going. Hanna left for college two weeks ago so I’ve been missing her. Brady was interviewing for jobs, accepted an offer, and has been working on licensing things, I’ve been doing various work including teaching Pre-K kids for a few days! By the way, they are the most adorable little kids ever and I want to adopt them all! I’ve definitely found my age group if I ever wanted to go into teaching. Continue Reading