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October 2016

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Bathing cats, Christmas is coming, and goals for the rest of 2016

Can you believe that there’s only about 2 months left in 2016? This year started with travelling up to Michigan so Braden could attend his final 10 weeks of classes as a DPT student. In March, we moved in with the in-laws while he did his internships and searched for a job. Here we are almost 8 months later and we’re just about ready to move into our first home in Maryland! With less than 3 weeks til moving day, we’ve got a lot of sorting and packing to do.

We’re excited to be moving closer to his work and all our favorite date spots and I can’t wait to live less that 10 minutes from TWO different Targets! I’m looking forward to have my own kitchen again! It’s going to be easier to meal plan and eat more meals at home once we’re in our own space. It’s also going to be funny to see my Shadow baby roam more space than just our bedroom. Speaking of… it’s going to be amazing to get her litter box out of our room!

I gave her a bath today and she didn’t love it. Poor girl. I had to blow dry her because the house was too cold and she was shivering. She didn’t like that either but she forgave me after I gave her a few treats and a good brushing. Continue Reading

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Friday Faves

So many amazing things are happening today! That’s a comfort because on this day of awesome news, my childhood home of 14 years officially becomes someone else’s new family home. Yesterday I went and said goodbye for the last time… but I’m not going to spend much time dwelling on that right now.

Onto the good things in life and what I’ve been loving lately!

Fall Colors!

october apple picking

My sister was home for fall break 2 weeks ago and we had a fun day at the farm! 🙂 Continue Reading