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September 2016

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Apple Picking, Meal Planning, and Calorie Counting

You know how last week I posted about the various bad things that happened all in a row? I was determined to change my fates but not before getting punched a few times first. Apparently I can’t survive without a phone because it tells me everything I need to know, like what the temperature is and how I should dress for the day… so after my phone died, I got a new S7 and while in the process of looking for the right screen protector and case to buy, I dropped it when I was getting out of the car for church and smashed the screen on both top corners of the phone. Sigh. Then on Sunday, I accidentally broke my glasses beyond repair. I mean it was time for new ones but still… now I have to wear contacts until I can get new ones. I don’t love wearing glasses but ever since an eye infection I had in 2011 my eyes have not loved wearing contacts so I rarely wear them anymore. Continue Reading

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All bad things happen together at the same time

Can you believe that today is the last day of summer? I can’t believe fall is already here! I don’t love when sundown is getting earlier but it was perfect timing for me last night when I was picking up hubby from work. It was a spectacular drive.

Maryland Sunset

On Sunday I went to the B&O Railroad museum with my dad, brother, step-sis, and hubby. I don’t have half the photos though because my phone is now dead forever. See below.

B&O Railroad Museum Continue Reading

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It finally happened (!!!) and a season of change

I’ve unofficially officially left my job! If you’re confused as to what that means, it means that I’ve turned in my badge and I’m not planning on returning but they’re keeping me in the system for up to 90 days in case I change my mind. They’re going to miss me so that makes me feel good. For a little over a year, I’ve been working as a “floater” in a large office building moving between departments as they needed help. I’ve done so many jobs ranging from web to administrative assistant, editor, office grunt work, inventory, and handling international visa applications. There have been a handful of fun moments, but I’m really ready to move on now that I’m not the main support for our little family.

I did have a moment of sadness yesterday when I turned in my badge because while it wasn’t at all what I wanted to be doing, my dad works there in a different department and it was really nice being able to eat lunch with him regularly. Continue Reading

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Thursday Thinking Out Loud (TOL) 9-8-2016

Today I am going to be doing my first Thinking Out Loud linkup with Amanda from Running With Spoons! I’ve been reading her blog for a while and decided that today I had some stuff I wanted to share with you so I’m going to jump right in and share some of the things I’ve been thinking about and loving lately…

1. Aly Raisman

The best news ever was announced yesterday!!! Aly Raisman isn’t planning on retiring yet and after a year off she’s going to resume training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! I love Aly so much and was feeling a bit bummed because it seemed like she was probably going to retire but she is so phenomenal and fun to watch. I watched the all around event live and I almost cry even just seeing this photo because it was a perfect moment.

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Labor Day Weekend Games and my new Yoga app

There’s something about the sky. There’s a change in the air. The pool no longer seems as inviting and all I can think about is eating more apples and going hiking and camping… Fall is coming and I can’t resist its advances anymore. I love summer but there are many things I love about fall so I’ll try not to be too sad.

Hallelujah for long weekends! I had a rough day Friday and had to cancel our plans of going kayaking because I was doing bad enough that I knew it would mess me up to a level I wasn’t ready to deal with. We went shopping instead for some new pants at Gap for Brady because he starts work next week! He was in love with these really stretchy khakis, it was kind of cute lol. I also picked up a $50 Eddie Bauer shirt for $15 on clearance. It’s going to be my base layer for hiking/camping trips or anything outdoors during the cooler months. We went apple picking and got about 13 pounds of fresh honeycrisps and also got 3-4 pounds of sweet and ripe raspberries.

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September Goals!

Time to revisit those August goals and see how things went…

August Goals Revisited

  • Build core strength through my glutes, back and abs.
  • Continue to build on my fitness.
  • Significantly reduce sugar intake.
  • Work towards a regular bedtime and wake up routine and getting healthier sleep.

Maybe 1 for 4. I think I had a rough August because there were a lot of things going on in multiple aspects of my life and it was hard to start a routine going. Hanna left for college two weeks ago so I’ve been missing her. Brady was interviewing for jobs, accepted an offer, and has been working on licensing things, I’ve been doing various work including teaching Pre-K kids for a few days! By the way, they are the most adorable little kids ever and I want to adopt them all! I’ve definitely found my age group if I ever wanted to go into teaching. Continue Reading