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Hiking at Great Falls

After a few days spent with adorable Pre-K kids, I had a day off on Wednesday to go hiking with my hubby! He’s been getting paperwork done so he can start his job as soon as his license comes in. So exciting! We went down to Great Falls to go hiking because apparently there are miles and miles of really cool trails that I’ve only just found out about recently.

It cost $10 to get into the park which was pretty depressing because it was the very next day that the Centennial celebration for the park began and entry would have been free. If only we had known…

We picked up a pretty and descriptive trail map from the museum/tavern house and headed towards the Billy Goat A trail. It is described as a 1.75 mi hike with lots of rock scrambling and that good balance is necessary. You have to be in good health to do this trail and it apparently takes 2-3 hours to complete.

My phone died for no reason and wouldn’t turn back on so I had to use Brady’s phone to take photos which was depressing since his camera isn’t very good.

It was a beautiful hike though and better photos wouldn’t have done the area justice anyways. I was surprised at how many people were there in the middle of the day mid-week but the parking lot was mostly full and there was a good lot of people out on the trails.









They call this the “50′ traverse” and I think it looks harder than it is. It was a lot of fun and kind of gives you a baby version of the rock climbing experience 🙂

Great Falls 50' Traverse, Bear Island, Maryland


It took me a while realize why they’ve called it the Billy goat trail but it makes sense because of all the rock scrambling you’re doing. The entire hike takes place on Bear Island and you get treated to nice views of the Potomac River on the entire hike.


I had really high expectations for this new Clif bar but I didn’t like it at all! I would have preferred to have a regular bar (and they’re cheaper too). At the end of the hike I tried the coconut almond butter filled one and I did like that one so I guess I’m in the middle when it comes to these new Clif bars.







Just before we got to this point, I had a little fall. Not sure what happened, I think my ankle decided to take a break… lol.

Instead of continuing down to the other Billy goat trails (B+C), we decided to head back on the Berma road which was on the other side of the canal from the C & O Towpath. This trail is going to look beautiful in the fall.


We had to take the Overlook trail to get back and at one point it wasn’t marked very clearly and it looked the the trail split. We chose the split that wasn’t actually the trail and Brady would turn around to get back to the right spot. So we ended up wandering up a steep hill, not following any trail before we eventually got back to the actual trail. Such a man thing to do. Round trip hike was a bit over 5.6 miles.

I’d definitely like to come again because there’s the other two Billy goat trails as well as a couple of mine trails but it would be nice try to find a way around the 10 dollar entry fee.

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  • Reply Hanna August 26, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    I’ve been wanting to do this trail for awhile now you beat me to it 😭

    • Reply meaganleanne August 26, 2016 at 8:55 pm

      We can go back! I’d like to do it again 🙂

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