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February 2016

Exercise, Training, Triathlon, Weight loss

Pilates workout for your legs and core

3 workouts for this week. Next week will be a better week because of the work I’ve put in now. At least I have to keep telling myself this. Winter makes me lethargic and it’s hard to want to do anything and apparently I’m not alone. This article gives some tips on how to deal with the winter blues.

Anyways, here’s this week’s workouts!fitness tracker

Monday: Feb. 1, Zumba for 35 minutes. Pilates strength workout for 15 minutes.

Tuesday: Feb. 2, Swim 1000m, 27:42, water walk for 20 minutes

Wednesday: Feb. 3 n/a

Thursday: Feb 4. n/a

Friday: Feb. 5, Swim 1000m, 28:35, water walk and treading for 15 minutes. Pilates strength workout for 15 minutes.

Swim bag

My pretty pink bag from the triathlon

If you’ve heard of the blogger SarahFit, you know that she makes amazing fitness videos that are FREE for use. I’ve followed her blog for a while now but I happened to stumble upon one of her videos when looking for a pilates workout this week. It burns and  really pushed me hard but I can totally feel it working. I’d recommend trying it out and if one round doesn’t push you hard enough, run through the sequence again! If you like this video, check out her other ones because it’s an amazing resource.




Exercise, Healthy eating, Training, Triathlon, Weight loss

Things these days + 6 month goals

Hello internet family! Long time, no update!

My husband and I are back in Michigan for him to attend a couple months of classes before we head back to Maryland for his last 2 PT clinical internships and then we’re back here for graduation! It’s amazing that his 3 years of hard work are almost over! I’m so proud of him. 🙂

St. Joseph sunset

One of the few reason I can be happy to be back in Michigan: St. Joseph and amazing sunset viewing.


Since we’re only here for a limited time, I’ve been hanging out in our apartment and catching up on some TV shows and movies (Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor… and Inside Out). Winter is a really difficult season for me and I tend to feel like I’m in some sort of hibernation mode. I want to sleep all day and just eat blah food. It takes a lot of mental energy to work out when I feel like this but I’ve managed to get out and do some swimming and a few other workouts at least 2-3 times per week.

With my last update, I announced that I was doing a health challenge and my main goal was to maintain/lose weight through the holiday season. I tried to be conscious of what my portions were but I didn’t restrict myself from any specific foods because, well, you know we only get them once a year! I kept to my goal and I managed to drop just a little under the weight I had been sitting at.

This year, my health goals will once again be working up to the Iron Girl Triathlon in August. I’ve already registered and started planning my goals for the race and for the next 6 months leading up to the race and they are as follows:

  1. Continue to lose weight. I made a lot of progress last summer and I want to keep building on that so I can be a healthier -healthy weight- me. Running will also become significantly easier with less weight to pull around.
  2. Focus on strength training. It was a component of my training last summer, but I was training to finish the race so I focused most of my time on cardio. I want stronger muscles because I noticed, during the race, how much of a difference it would make to be stronger.
  3. Pre-train so that when I start my more serious training in May, I’m starting at just as high, if not higher level of fitness that I was when I did the event last summer.
  4. Train with sister Hanni who I have conned into doing the race with me! (Love ya sis)
  5. Drop race time. If I can achieve the above goals, then I am extremely confident in my ability to significantly reduce my time. I don’t want to share a number yet in case I’m being realistic, but I am really working towards this goals (with help of the above goals.) My time last year was 2:45:49.

I’m really excited about a lot of new things that are happening this year because it’s going to be a big transition for us (hubby and me) to both be completely out of college as well as continuing my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and self. Happy 2016!


Makes a girl feel pretty to have a fresh haircut 🙂