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July 2015

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Envisioning the Finishing

Today was a horrible run. It had been raining all day and the roads were steamy, the air was muggy, and my body felt like it was in a sweaty hell that I was trying to escape from.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been using Active’s Couch to 5k application and today was day one of the final week. The last week! Today’s run was 30 minutes with five minutes of walking before and after the run. I wanted to give up before I even started running. It was so hot, I’d been feeling mildly sick all day, and I was still a little tired from my workout the day before. Each step was miserable.

I reached the top of the first long hill and spent the next 5 minutes trying to work myself out of the cramp in my side. Meanwhile, my face was dripping in sweat and I had to keep wiping it off on a sweaty rag that at one point was a nice clean T-shirt.

I had forgotten to bring along my headphones so I spent a lot of the run thinking about the next couple of weeks and how much work I feel like I still have to do to get ready for this triathlon. I started to envision the finish line and how amazing it’s going to feel to reach that goal. I began thinking about how two months ago, when I started this program, I could barely run a minute and a half without feeling like I would never be able to take another breath. I also realized that I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds from working out this summer.

So while it did feel as though I was running through a swamp, all of my positive and happy thoughts kept pushing me forward toward my goal.

I can’t wait to finish this race!