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June 2015

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Pushing Limits


Sleep has not been my friend the past week. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we’re moving out of our first nest a month from today and I haven’t started packing. Maybe it’s because dad’s getting married the day after we move back to Maryland. Maybe it’s because life is going to be changing a lot over the next couple months and I don’t know if I can handle it… but whatever it is, it’s causing me to have anxiety and sleep has been quite elusive recently. s causing

Today I slept in quite a bit and didn’t eat much this afternoon… and when it came time to go to spinning class I felt weak and tired out even though I hadn’t done much at all. I had decided I wasn’t going to go. I started feeling guilty because I had missed last Wednesday’s class due to back pain and after a few minutes giving myself excuses, I got off of my butt and ready to go within 5 minutes so I wouldn’t be too late.

Well what a day to be late. I almost got stuck with one of the crappy bikes because of it. Over the past month there hasn’t been more than 3 participants in one class and there were 5 new girls today.

spinning intervals

My 1L Camelbak Eddy. I love this water bottle. Straws make drinking more enjoyable.

Oh my word. I felt like I was dying. More than I have on any other day because today we were doing intervals. We pushed hard while we were on the bike and then we did multiple one minute intervals of quad-killers, including squats, burpees and high knees. At one point, I looked at the clock thinking the class must be almost over and it was only halfway done. This is why I go to classes… I don’t push myself hard enough when I’m by myself and working out with others who are going through the same thing you are makes it a little easier.

spinning intervals-2

Dripping in sweat and trying to catch my breath.

I texted hubby while I was in the sauna following class and I said, “If it sounds like someone fell down the steps in a few minutes… they did. It was me.”

It’s been almost 4 hours since class ended and my legs still feel like jelly.

spinning intervals-3

How many exercise balls are in this photo?

I haven’t lost much weight yet, maybe 5-7 pounds, but I feel myself getting stronger and my endurance is growing. So here’s to pushing limits, finding new strength, and overcoming obstacles on the way to a better me.

Exercise, Hiking, Triathlon, Weight loss

Stormy Hiking Adventures

Our canoe trip was cancelled… 🙁 So on Saturday, hubs and I decided to be healthy humans after a day of sitting inside and doing nothing. I convinced him to go with me to Warren Dunes State Park in Southwestern Michigan for a little dune hiking. The giant hill at the dunes is great if you want a really good lung workout. It’s a killer.

Well I missed out on that joy this time because hubby suggested we actually do the hiking trails. What?! There are hiking trails? I’ve been to this park so many times over the past 5 years and I just assumed the lakefront and all the dunes towering over the parking lots was the majority of the park. But no there’s actually quite a few miles of trails.

The trails were actually quite nice. Not quite as nice as the trails going through Ludington State Park that we traversed a few weeks ago, but still enjoyable. The sun was out. The humidity was high. But all in all we were having a pretty nice afternoon walk. At about the halfway point… A minimum of a mile hike away from the car, we started to hear some rumbling thunder. I figured a little rain wouldn’t be too bad because I was already drenched in sweat… but I also didn’t want to become a lightning rod out in the sand once we got out of the woods and back onto the dunes.

I wish I had a picture of intensely dark clouds looming over the dunes/woods behind us as we came out but at that point it was starting to rain we were beginning to hustle. I did manage to grab a photo of the horizon so you can get an idea of what was coming.

stormy adventures

By the time we got to the beach, this was headed towards us.

stormy adventures-3

Deep haze in the distance = heavy rain

While to our right, it almost seemed like we were just going to be enjoying a nice sunset.

stormy adventures-2


Within a few minutes, we were being pelted by large heavy rain drops that might as well have been bullets being hurled against us in hurricane-like winds. You can kind of see the rain in the next couple photos.

stormy adventures-5 stormy adventures-6


For some reason, I had decided to wear makeup and at this point, my mascara was falling off my eyelashes and running into my eyes. I had to take my glasses off because it was raining so hard and glasses wipers don’t exist (?).

stormy adventures-8



At this point, we had been hiking for at least an hour and a half, I was drenched and I figured why bother rushing to get back anymore? The worst of the storm and ugly clouds were to the east of us and we’d be out of the rain soon. Once it did stop raining, I had to take this photo,stormy adventures-9


because that’s hilarious. You can see exactly how hard and how horizontally diagonal the rain was pelting. At least the phones stayed dry.

What an adventure. I can’t wait for the next one.

stormy adventures-10