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Motivations and Incentives

For the past so many years, I’ve had trouble staying with a routine longer than a month because when you’re a student, life is hardly predictable. Yay for graduation coming this Sunday!  I feel like I need something to kick me into gear and really get me motivated before next winter comes and I’m trying to start again next spring.

I was looking into maybe signing up for a 5k in a couple months so that I had something to train for and then I found the Iron Girl sprint triathlon  in Columbia, MD this coming August. That’s about 3 1/2 months from right now. I’m definitely not in the greatest shape right now but I already swim decently and know how to ride a bike so I feel like the greatest challenge would be building up endurance and improving my skills.

If I could do this, I can imagine myself crossing the finish line and just being so overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment… I want this to be my goal.

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