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April 2015

Healthy eating, Iron Girl, Triathlon, Weight loss

Motivations and Incentives

For the past so many years, I’ve had trouble staying with a routine longer than a month because when you’re a student, life is hardly predictable. Yay for graduation coming this Sunday!  I feel like I need something to kick me into gear and really get me motivated before next winter comes and I’m trying to start again next spring.

I was looking into maybe signing up for a 5k in a couple months so that I had something to train for and then I found the Iron Girl sprint triathlon  in Columbia, MD this coming August. That’s about 3 1/2 months from right now. I’m definitely not in the greatest shape right now but I already swim decently and know how to ride a bike so I feel like the greatest challenge would be building up endurance and improving my skills.

If I could do this, I can imagine myself crossing the finish line and just being so overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment… I want this to be my goal.

Healthy eating, Weight loss

When the Clothes Don’t Fit…

I went shopping last night and found quite a few tops and dresses that I thought I would like at TJ Maxx. By the time I got to the dressing room, I had about 11 items to try on. Now I gained my “Freshman 15” five years ago when I started college and I guess I’ve gained the “Marriage 15” since getting married last summer. It’s really hard to try on clothes and struggle to get them over your newly puffy body. It’s discouraging to realize how much weight you can gain without realizing that it’s happening. It’s hard to think about how the new lose 15 lbs goal will only get me back to where I wanted to start losing from in the first place.

I want to be healthy. I want to feel healthy again. I’m tired of being dragged down by my weight and feeling discouraged every time that I look in the mirror. So I’m going to try the positive talk thing… you know, the “You can do this Meagan!” thing. I hope I can keep myself accountable this time. Graduation is 3 weeks away. 5 pounds is reasonable for 3 weeks. Here goes…